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Didomi’s Preference Center

Today’s consumers don’t only expect companies to behave ethically and transparently, but they also want unhindered access to their data. They will always prefer brands that offer them great products and easy, reliable choices. Setting-up a dedicated Preference Center (PC) is the best way to build and sustain authentic customer engagement.

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Logo of DECATHLON which has a Didomi-built Preference Center to better manage user permissions
Logo of PIERRE & VACANCES CENTER PARCS which has a Didomi-built Preference Center to better manage user permissions
Logo of PARIS TURF which has a Didomi-built Preference Center to better manage user permissions

These brands master preference

management with Didomi


How Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group masters customer Opt-in across 7 countries and 5 brands

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How a global specialist in construction tools improves shopper loyalty & drives opt-in

This company puts their users in the driving seat of their data. They streamline consent collection both online and in-store. They are transparent in their data practices. As such, they build trust, customer loyalty and sustainable growth.

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Illustration of the technology behind the Preference Center

A Preference Management infrastructure built for developers

Didomi can be deployed on all your platforms to display user preferences and allow them to update them safely and instantaneously. Developers love our technology for being so easy to integrate within their tech stack. Use our off-the-shelf Didomi Elements, or leverage our open APIs to build custom preference workflows and synced customer permission correctly across all your tools.

Didomi for developers
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Our latest blog posts about Preference Management

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Didomi x Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group: Maintaining trust by placing consent at the core of the customer relationship

While third-party cookies will soon be just a memory, first-party data is more important than ever. How can a brand rely on this new type of data? ...

How to set up a Preference Center? The first step is to define your marketing objectives

What does it mean to set up a Preference Center, where your customers can choose their communication permissions (formats, frequencies, purposes...)? ...

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