Privacy Requests

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Streamline your Privacy Request management

Good privacy and compliance means empowering customers with simple, transparent ways to access their rights. Didomi makes this easy.


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OUR Strengths


A global leader in consent and privacy, Didomi helps companies put customers in control of their data, generating trust, privacy-conscious growth and, ultimately, revenue. 

Ensure full coverage of regulatory requirements
Compliance is more than just consent banners: timely fulfillment of privacy requests is an essential part of compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CPRA.
Automate to save time and resources
Didomi's simple, automated Privacy Request process saves manual effort, costs, and overall request turnaround time.
Reinforce trust and strengthen your brand image
Providing a simple way for users to exercise their rights improves overall experience and fosters a positive perception of your business as transparent, compliant and privacy-first.
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Didomi recognized by the industry

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Make it easy for your customers 

Request touchpoints that work for your business

Users can submit privacy requests via widgets, forms, or a separate domain as desired.

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In synch with your branding

Customizable request forms

Easy configuration of customer-facing assets, such as forms texts, language, and look & feel to align with branding guidelines and applicable locations.

Requests storage

Simple step-by-step process

Straightforward request management for your team

Quickly deploy your DSAR handling process for your team to get started right away. All requests are centrally stored and managed across your business.

Email scheduling

Never miss a request or a deadline

Email scheduling and alerts

Set up email scheduling and alerts to be immediately informed, keep track, respond in time and stay compliant with end-user requests, right from your inbox.


Strong customer support

Trust your DSAR process to the Privacy UX experts

We provide the best support in the market including project management, seamless onboarding, technical support, and frequent business reviews to maximize your business metric performances.


Questions about the Privacy Requests?

Our expert Joshua Revan will be happy to help.