Didomi for consumer goods and entertainment


Boost performance across all channels

Give consumers a privacy-first experience that will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

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OUR Strengths

Unify user choices, online and offline
Provide sleek, consistent privacy UX across all touchpoints and channels. Didomi's cross-device feature ensures consent is resected and shared across different devices and environments, reducing "consent fatigue".
Maximize your marketing efforts
Leverage fully compliant zero, first and third-party data to ensure rich datasets, optimize marketing ROI, and drive high performance.
Boost customer loyalty
When it comes to data collection, transparency and a sense of control can go a long way towards winning customer trust. Make it easy for your consumers to tell you what they want, and they'll reward you with repeat business.
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Streamline consent across all regions and brands

Ensure user choices are respected and accurately shared across multiple brands, domains, devices, and countries, taking advantage of Didomi's native analytics and dedicated modules for managing consent banners, vendors and purposes.

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Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Gain clarity and peace of mind on website activities

Your digital assets have many moving parts: lower your third-party compliance risk with automated scans and breach detection, staying on top of tracker and vendor activity with daily updates and clear overviews.


Preference Management

Future-proof the online experience

Check in personally with your customers all along their journey with branded, interactive preference pages and widgets, moving beyond cookies and building rich datasets to optimize engagement, marketing and CRM.


Privacy Requests

DSAR processing made simple

Effortlessly handle data privacy subject requests, from data intake to timely and secure response delivery, automating your processes with fully brandable and customizable forms or widgets.

Privacy UX Solutions

360º consumer data privacy

Integrated Global Privacy UX Solutions

Leverage a platform that streamlines all consent, user choices, requests and tracker activity across local and global business, seamlessly implemented and backed by dedicated customer success management and enterprise support.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

An expert team at your service

As new regulations emerge around the world, our technology and services are backed by a Customer Success team offering strategic guidance on local and global privacy best practices.

Cyril T G2 review
Cyril T.

"We had a lot of websites to handle a we love the fact that we can easily manage our cookies policy!"

Sergio M G2 reviews
Sergio M.

"It's very easy to integrate in your website, you can fully customize it, the support has been super useful."

Javier S G2 reviews
Javier S.

"The tool is very intuitive and easy to learn and use.
The creation of consent notices is very fast."

Diana M G2 reviews
Diana M.

"What I value the most is the technical, fast, qualified support."

Gaëlle F G2 reviews
Gaëlle F.

"Support is very reactive.The people helping you know the platform very well and can help effectively"

Andrea M G2 reviews
Andrea M.

"Quick feedback and proactive suggestions to improve our collaboration."

Adrian V G2 reviews B
Adrián V.

"They are so professional people, they were one of the first in the CMP Industry."

Fernanda G G2 reviews
Fernanda G.

"Great and easy tool. CMP configuration made easy for everyone, including non tech."

Property 1=Women
Diana V.

"Very helpful and colaborative team. They are always trying to solve your issues."

Alberto S G2 reviews
Alberto S.

"Useful, easily to use and a great support team. The explanation was clear."

Quentin C G2 reviews
Quentin C.

"User-friendly solution which does not need particular technical background. Also easy to integrate."


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