Flexible integrations

Advanced Integrations
Respect and share user choices across your tech stack
Didomi supports you with well-mapped downstream integrations, ensuring you can safely share and leverage user consented data and choices.
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Advanced Integrations

OUR Strengths

Multiple options for leverage your consent data
Batch export: export all consent data on a regular basis
Webhooks: notification of events in Didom via HTTP requests
Consents API query: retrieve consent data on demand
On-demand connectors
Didomi can build connectors on demand and create bespoke stacks to fit Enterprise needs, dynamically synching with each tech ecosystem.
Plug-and-play marketplace
Choose from a range of tested and optimized connectors, available out-of-the-box from the Didomi platform.
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desktop Tablet

Connect and integrate your tools wherever needed

Available for every environment

Web, Mobile (iOS & Android), AMP, Unity, Connected TV (iOS & Android), Flutter/React Native, REST API

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Marketing tools

Specialists in advertising and marketing integrations

Ramp up your marketing performance

Didomi has direct relationships with all major Adtech and Martech vendors ensuring that our clients can leverage expert know-how and proven processes to build and validate our solutions and integrations with their teams.


Implementation support for integrations

Dedicated project team

Didomi provides dedicated solution engineers and integrations specialists during implementation, ensuring you are optimizing your connections from Day One. We stay with you throughout the entire customer journey, with a tech support team that can help solve integrations issues and challenges.


Questions about our integrations?

Our expert Joshua Revan will be happy to help.