Boost marketing performance

Marketing Performance

Leverage user choices for rich datasets and optimize marketing

Put your customers in the driver's seat of their journey. They'll reward you with quality data for marketing that truly makes an impact.

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Marketing Performance

OUR Strengths

Future-proof your marketing strategy with zero-party data
Gather customers choices straight from the source, and leverage that data to create marketing campaigns that hit their mark and deliver on your ROI.
Save customers' time and keep them motivated
By directly asking customers for their preferences, you save them time and effort, serving up ads and offers of interest to them.
The result? Trust and loyalty and to your brand.
Ensure a rich data flow to your marketing tools
Collect and store user preferences across all domains, apps and devices. Distribute these accurately across your tech stack (CRM, CDP, marketing, advertising, etc.), respecting choices and securing trust.
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Preference Management

Go beyond cookies 

Deploy customer preference widgets to gather zero-party data, skipping the cookies by asking your customer directly for their choices. This is the quality, consented data that ensures each user experience is memorable and continually strengthens your brand.

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Customer journey

Engage your customers at any point in their journey

Reach out where and when it matters

Create personalized pages for your customers to tell you about their preferences on any topic (communication, products, news, etc.), or ask them for specific information on the fly using widgets. Customers can update their data at any time, on any device.

Personalized experiences

Shift your marketing mindset

Hyper-personalized experiences

When it comes to data, quality trumps quantity. Why collect data if you cannot do anything with it? 

Rich, consented data is what drives good marketing, and Didomi enables you to design great UX and smart workflows to directly tap into what makes your customers tick, eliminating irrelevant messaging, reducing email unsubscribes and driving engagement.

Cross brand marketing

Improve overall UX and data accuracy

Cross-brand marketing

Facilitate cross-brand marketing across Group business by taking a privacy-first approach to customer choices. By asking customers directly if they wish to engage with other brands and product lines, you'll gain trust, generate better analytics and deploy more targeted marketing right from the start.


Continually refine your strategy with analytics

Make better marketing decisions

Leverage built-in analytics on a wide range of parameters such as selection rate, average choice and device. The more you understand the channels, formats and messaging that resonate best, the higher your overall marketing performance.

Marketing tools

Keep data flowing into your marketing tools

Increased marketing ROI

User consent is necessary for triggering core marketing functions. Didomi enables you to deploy interfaces that inspire trust, empowering your users to provide consent. You can then leverage this data and use it to enrich your marketing efforts.

Compliant data

High-quality, compliant data

Peace of mind for DPO and PR teams

Didomi ensures your ability to collect and distribute consented data in full compliance, lowering risk of data violation, DPA penalties and reputational damage.


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