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Whether you're an expert looking to maximize your Privacy UX practices, or a beginner interested in learning about the basics of data privacy, we have a course for you.

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Since 2017, our team has talked with over 2000+ customers, partners and collaborators. Time and time again, we've been requested to share our input and expertise, and have been recognized for our great level of support.

We're opening up that knowledge to our community by creating the Didomi Academy, where we share courses and training modules on everything from basic data privacy principles all the way to advanced CMP best practices and tips.

Raphaël Boukris
CRO at Didomi

"Didomi Academy is more than just a learning platform. We are delighted to share our expertise with our customers and partners, and to help them elevate their data privacy knowledge with Didomi."


Raphaël Boukris
CRO at Didomi

Why choose Didomi Academy?

By enrolling in Didomi Academy, you gain:

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    Comprehensive Knowledge

    From basic principles to advanced consent management strategies, equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the data privacy landscape.

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    Practical Skills

    Learn how to implement the Didomi CMP effectively across different platforms, ensuring compliance and enhancing user trust.

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    Certification and Recognition

    Complete your training with a certificate and recognition from Didomi, validating your expertise in data privacy and consent management.

Available learning modules


Our curriculum is carefully structured into two main modules, each tailored to address the core aspects of data privacy and consent management:


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Data Privacy 101

This foundational module consists of three courses: Introduction to Data Privacy, Data Privacy for Publishers, and Overview of Global Regulations. Together, these courses provide a solid groundwork in understanding the principles of data privacy.

Multi-Regulation Consent Management Platform

Dive deep into the practical aspects of utilizing Didomi's CMP. This module includes multiple videos covering CMP implementation across various environments (web, apps, CTV, etc.), tag management, and analytics insights.


Joining Didomi Academy

A step-by-step guide:


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    Eligibility Check

    Ensure you're a Didomi customer or partner. Didomi Academy is exclusively available to our valued community.

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    Reach Out

    Contact your Didomi Account Manager directly to express your interest in joining the Academy.

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    Receive Your Invitation

    Once your request is processed, you'll receive an official invitation to join the Didomi Academy along with your access credentials.

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    Start Learning

    Log in to the Didomi Academy portal to access a wide range of courses, tutorials, and resources designed to boost your data privacy and CMP expertise.

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    Share your success

    Showcase our industry-recognized badges and certifications on your resume and social media profiles.


Questions about Didomi's Academy?

Our team will be happy to answer your questions and support you in your learning journey.