Didomi for partners & agencies: empowering client success

Partners and agencies

Transform your clients' privacy management journey

Elevate client experiences with robust privacy management solutions.

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Partners and agencies

Why incorporate Didomi into your client ecosystem?

Amplify trust & loyalty
Deploy Didomi to help your clients collect user consent and preferences transparently, boosting user trust and strengthening relationships.
Drive efficiency & streamline processes
Onboarding made simple, with an easy-to-use platform for all your clients' data privacy projects.
Unleash your clients' revenue potential
Help your clients create privacy-first experiences that respect user choices and deliver personalized ads their users are truly interested in.
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Unified approach

Unified consent & preference management

Equip your clients with the Didomi platform to unify user choices across several channels. Give them the means to to deliver consistent, personalized experiences with data privacy at the forefront.

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Insightful analytics

Optimize user data collection & analytics

Our strong analytics capabilities can fuel your clients with valuable insights on user behavior. Leverage Didomi to help them make informed business decisions backed by robust analytics.


Robust protection

All-around compliance monitoring

With the Advanced Compliance Monitoring module, your clients benefit from a protection against potential privacy breaches. Help them safeguard their brand reputation and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

USer engagement

User engagement

Improved user engagement with preference management

Help your clients make user choices easily accessible throughout the user journey for increased transparency and customer relationship customization. This not only improves user engagement but also reduces database attrition rates for long-term customer loyalty.


Global compliance

Ensure compliance with global privacy regulations

Our platform enables your clients to stay compliant worldwide, protecting their brand reputation and avoiding potential fines.

Didomi integrations

Seamless integration

Universal compatibility with your client's tech stack

Didomi solutions integrate natively with a wide range of tools, facilitating implementation across multiple technologies. Assist your clients in maximizing the efficacy of their marketing strategy and audience engagement.

Consent records

Trustworthy records

Verifiable consent records for audit-ready proofs

Your clients must maintain a reliable history of user consent for audit purposes. Our technology allows for quick and convenient access to any user consent at any point in time, ensuring your clients are always prepared.

Cyril T G2 review
Cyril T.

"We had a lot of websites to handle a we love the fact that we can easily manage our cookies policy!"

Sergio M G2 reviews
Sergio M.

"It's very easy to integrate in your website, you can fully customize it, the support has been super useful."

Javier S G2 reviews
Javier S.

"The tool is very intuitive and easy to learn and use.
The creation of consent notices is very fast."

Diana M G2 reviews
Diana M.

"What I value the most is the technical, fast, qualified support."

Gaëlle F G2 reviews
Gaëlle F.

"Support is very reactive.The people helping you know the platform very well and can help effectively"

Andrea M G2 reviews
Andrea M.

"Quick feedback and proactive suggestions to improve our collaboration."

Adrian V G2 reviews B
Adrián V.

"They are so professional people, they were one of the first in the CMP Industry."

Fernanda G G2 reviews
Fernanda G.

"Great and easy tool. CMP configuration made easy for everyone, including non tech."

Property 1=Women
Diana V.

"Very helpful and colaborative team. They are always trying to solve your issues."

Alberto S G2 reviews
Alberto S.

"Useful, easily to use and a great support team. The explanation was clear."

Quentin C G2 reviews
Quentin C.

"User-friendly solution which does not need particular technical background. Also easy to integrate."


Questions about why to incorporate Didomi into your client ecosystem?

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