Didomi for the Financial Sector

Banking and finance

Compliance is just the starting point: give your clients the power of choice

In an increasingly connected and competitive sector, keep your clients close with a privacy-first approach, focused on choice, trust and transparency.

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Banking and finance

While standard financial services can be provided on the basis of contract execution and legitimate interest, the highest value for your clients can only be delivered with their explicit consent.

Client-focused approach
Respect your clients' choices and earn their trust, satisfaction and loyalty through personalized, privacy-first experiences and services.
Regulatory compliance around the world
Ensure you are meeting data privacy requirements wherever clients are based, with multi-regulation consent notices that are automatically triggered based on geo-targeting.
Seamless integration across your business
Manage and store all client choices in a centralized platform: your single source of truth for all locations and channels.
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Respect client choices and drive opt-in

Provide transparent and personalized consent experiences that clearly inform, inspire trust and encourage higher opt-in rates, with features such as geo-targeting to automatically deploy the right banner for each stakeholder, language, regions and regulation.

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Preference Management

Deliver unique, privacy-first experiences

Leverage zero and first-party data provided directly by your customers to create tailored, privacy-first experiences they actually love. Activate your client base to collect consent for purposes such as cross-selling and upselling.


Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Ensure website governance and risk management

Detect and proactively manage all tracker activity, ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations and preventing data breaches or leaks.


Privacy Requests

Simplify DSAR processing for your team

Research from Gartner shows that the cost of manually handling a single privacy request can reach around $1500. Streamline and automate your DSAR process from the same platform as your consent management, ensuring seamlessness and minimum manual effort.


Delegated Consent

Help your agents and service representatives drive opt-in

When interacting with clients, branch or call center employees can collect and modify consent and preferences on their behalf via tablets and other devices.

Versions and proofs

Versions & Proofs

Easily generate proofs and audits

Your DPOs and consent administrators can access historic data to consult or prove any client consent, at any point in time. This includes the ability to filter and download notice versions.


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