Customer Success Stories

How Mediahuis leverages user preferences to optimize ads revenue

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Customer Success Stories

How did one of Europe's leading banks manage to become compliant across hundreds of websites

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Customer Success Stories

How did Orange increase its consent rate by 10% with the cross-device feature

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Customer Success Stories

How does the SNCF manage over 1 million positive consents per month with Didomi

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OUR Strengths


A global leader in consent and privacy, Didomi helps companies put customers in control of their data, generating trust, privacy-conscious growth and, ultimately, revenue.

Privacy UX solutions, built for Enterprise
Didomi solutions are designed for a wide range of enterprise challenges when it comes to user data privacy, consent and compliance.
Didomi customers love our practical, results-driven approach to Customer Success, including Business Reviews to assess KPIs and ensure strategy alignment with business objectives.
Intuitive and easy-to-use
Your marketing and privacy teams will love our UI-based configuration for out-of-the-box usability, with your dev team leveraging our documentation for further customizations.
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Trusted for our expertise and support

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An ongoing customer journey

There's a reason why Didomi is the market leader in privacy and consent UX: we offer hand-in-hand support for both tech and compliance knowhow.

G2 ranks Didomi as #1 CMP provider

Didomi's Consent Management platform (CMP) has been ranked at the top of the G2 2023 Summer Report. Didomi has also achieved Leader status in G2's Data Privacy Management Software category for the first time, for providing comprehensive solutions for managing privacy programs and helping our customers comply with privacy laws and regulations.

Ease of use
Average: 9.0

Quality of support
Average: 9.0

Ease of setup
Average: 8.6
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Cyril T G2 review
Cyril T.

"We had a lot of websites to handle a we love the fact that we can easily manage our cookies policy!"

Sergio M G2 reviews
Sergio M.

"It's very easy to integrate in your website, you can fully customize it, the support has been super useful."

Javier S G2 reviews
Javier S.

"The tool is very intuitive and easy to learn and use.
The creation of consent notices is very fast."

Diana M G2 reviews
Diana M.

"What I value the most is the technical, fast, qualified support."

Gaëlle F G2 reviews
Gaëlle F.

"Support is very reactive.The people helping you know the platform very well and can help effectively"

Andrea M G2 reviews
Andrea M.

"Quick feedback and proactive suggestions to improve our collaboration."

Adrian V G2 reviews B
Adrián V.

"They are so professional people, they were one of the first in the CMP Industry."

Fernanda G G2 reviews
Fernanda G.

"Great and easy tool. CMP configuration made easy for everyone, including non tech."

Property 1=Women
Diana V.

"Very helpful and colaborative team. They are always trying to solve your issues."

Alberto S G2 reviews
Alberto S.

"Useful, easily to use and a great support team. The explanation was clear."

Quentin C G2 reviews
Quentin C.

"User-friendly solution which does not need particular technical background. Also easy to integrate."