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Consent rate benchmark


Websites collect consent for cookies and trackers using various banner formats.

We provide you with the most up-to-date benchmark results, so you can better understand where your performance stands.

For a complete breakdown per country, industry, and format, download our 2024 benchmark.

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Romain Gauthier
CEO & Co-founder

"Didomi benchmarks are always highly anticipated. We are delighted to offer yet again access to our valuable aggregated data, helping organizations around the world assess the performance of their privacy efforts."


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Romain Gauthier
CEO & Co-founder

Consent Rate Definition

What is Consent rate?

It’s the volume of opt-ins over the total amount of user consent choices. 

Consent Rate = Opt-ins / (Opt-ins + Opt-out)  
Why is consent necessary?

Without consent, you cannot deploy any unnecessary trackers/tags.

What do we call unnecessary tags?

These are usually your analytics or marketing trackers, and regardless of your business model, they can impact your bottom line drastically.


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Consent collection in 2024
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Consent Rate Benchmark