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Consumers care about how their data is used. Turn GDPR & CCPA compliance into a business advantage. Use data privacy to create value with trust. Future-proof your data strategy and find opportunity in a user-centric world thanks to bespoke consent & preference management solutions.

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Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Optimize UX with consent-centric marketing

Compliance is about more than consent collection. It's about turning consumer privacy into customer experience. Prioritize UX and demonstrate transparency in your data collection. Boost consent rates, and turn privacy into a business opportunity.

Property 1=Legal

Gather consent in full compliance

Comply with data privacy laws globally (GDPR, CCPA) and data protection authorities locally (CNIL, Garante, AEPD). Show exemplary compliance across all touchpoints (web, app, CTV). The Didomi CMP is approved by the IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework.


Store and prove user consent

Didomi provides you with a technological infrastructure to store, update and prove cookie consent. Comply with legal obligation regarding personal information data processing and tag management. Share consent data across your systems internally, and with trusted third parties.

Property 1=Performance

Monitor and drive your consent metrics

Protecting data rights does not mean compromising on data analytics. Consent rate, bounce rate, page views, app sessions, data comparison per country: Didomi provides more than 20 metrics and KPIs. Companies have more control over their website analytics, bringing data together for actionable insights.


Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor compliance and respect user privacy choices

Gain peace of mind with daily scanning, reduced third-party compliance risk and resource savings.

Property 1=Compliant

With the Advanced Compliance Monitoring

- Detect privacy breaches and implement remediation
- Reduce time and optimize money invested on compliance
- Ensure high site performance with smart housekeeping 

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Privacy Request module

Privacy request simplified, for everyone

With Didomi as your partner, managing, fulfilling, and responding back to the user request (DSAR) on time hasn't been easier.

Property 1=User experience

Single platform for Privacy Request handling

Didomi's DSAR solution acts as a single platform for all the teams to collaborate, view the requests, manage, and fulfill them on time.


Preference Management Platform (PMP)

Redefine the relationship between brand & user

Offer your users more than a simple opt-in vs. opt-out option. Demonstrate transparency in your data collection and your users will reward you with key insights into their personal preferences. Use this invaluable data to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Property 1=Path

Thrive in a 1st party data future

First- and zero-party data collection is a strategic priority. Future-proof your data strategy with the Didomi solution. Collect preference data for segmentation and personalization. Optimize campaigns, turning increasing data regulation and the demise of third-party cookies into a business advantage.

Property 1=Trust

Trust translates into business metrics

80% believe transparency is important for trusting a company. Data privacy is not about inaccessible privacy policies, it's about customer satisfaction. If customers give your company a high trust score, they are more likely to consent to the use of their personal data for marketing interaction.

Property 1=Operational

Synchronize data across third-party tools

Data centralization in a single source of truth is vital. Preference data connects with CRM and marketing automation tools. Multiple touchpoints communicate together to provide actionable insights and performance metrics.


Seamless deployment across technical environments

Synchronize data into a single source of truth

Centralize consent & preference data with multiple CRM and Martech tools through automated workflows. Connect to the Didomi Marketplace with integrations such as Hubspot, Selligent, Adobe Campaign and Actito. Ensure streamlined marketing, sales and communication activities.


Turning privacy into a business advantage

Why place your trust in Didomi?

Gartner predicts that, before year-end 2023, more than 80% of companies worldwide will be facing at least one privacy-focused data protection regulation. So, why place your trust in Didomi? Our unchanged strategy is to propose world-class privacy technology that turns privacy into a business opportunity.

A dedicated team

Over 130 full time employees committed to helping companies lay the foundation for privacy-conscious growth.

International development

International expansion following a 40M USD Series B funding round. Offices in Paris, Madrid, Berlin & New York.

Cross-device & cross-domain

A multi-channel, cross-device and cross-domain solution offering an optimized user experience. Users are able to manage all their online and offline consents & preferences.

Focus on R&D

Expertise on how to turn privacy into a business opportunity. With 50% of our employees in R&D, Didomi is always innovating. We act as a trailblazer in the current digital ecosystem.

Exceptionnal customer support

Excellent & unique customer support with onboarding specialists and a dedicated customer success manager.


consent data points collected each month in over 25 countries.


Significantly decrease unsubscribe rates.


Highest performing CMP on the market with a 99% consent string validity rate.

An international player in consent & preference management

Creating value with trust, worldwide.

Didomi is an international player present in 27 countries and available in 35 languages. We cover over 1.35% of the world's internet traffic. With offices in Paris, New York, Berlin & Madrid, we create value with trust worldwide.




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