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Place customer consent at the core of your strategy

Didomi builds technology to help companies put their users in control of their personal data. By doing so, they generate valuable trust and lay the groundwork for privacy-conscious growth.

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Our consent & preference management solutions help you generate trust

Our front-end products include a globally recognized Consent Management Platform and a highly reliable Preference Center solution

Consent Management Platform

Illustration of the Didomi consent management platform on desktop and mobile

Our Consent Management Platform (CMP) allows your users to consent to the use of tracking technologies (like cookies or advertising identifiers) on your websites, mobile apps, connected TV and other environments.

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Preference Center

Illustration of the Didomi preference center platform on desktop and mobile

Our Preference Center (PC) enables your customers to access and change their communication preferences (opt-out, modify channels, frequency or content) at any time, on any device.

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We are happy to work with Didomi as our CMP provider, their expertise in the field is a real asset to us. The tool is clear to integrate and use and the support team is efficient.

5/5 Sourceforge

We are very satisfied because the platform meets all of our expectations. Web implementation was fast and pretty easy. Support answers fast and helped finding the solutions.

4.7/5 Capterra

We were able to set up the notice and become GDPR compliant pretty quickly using Didomi, and switching to the IAB TCF V2 framework was relatively painless.

5/5 Sourceforge

Didomi is a really good CMP for Android and iOS apps and is easy to set up. Translations are available in most of popular languages and this is important as CMP is client facing.

5/5 Sourceforge

This a great solution with a perfect onboarding! We were very pleased we selected Didomi as our CMP. The onboarding has been great and much appreciated by the team.

5/5 Sourceforge

The Didomi platform was a breath of fresh air. It easily integrated with Google Tag Manager which made the setup and configuration for our site to be GDPR compliant very smooth.

5/5 Sourceforge

Best platform to handle GDPR compliance for our corporate website. It's easy to integrate with Wordpress and all providers/contractors we are currently using.

4.7/5 Capterra

As a digital news media, we think that the best option for us is to use a CMP based on TCF of IAB Europe. Didomi let us do it and also customize the CMP for our own needs!

4.7/5 Capterra

Didomi was the CMP integrated with the IAB Framework that solved all our needs. Its Console allows us to track the % of consent easily and manage our consent notices, vendors and purposes.

4.7/5 Capterra

The implementation was very easy and fast. The Console is so simple to use and the support was always very good!

4.7/5 Capterra

It's easy to implement and has continuous improvements.

4.7/5 Capterra

In addition to of law compliance, the platform is minimalist and convenient.

4.7/5 Capterra

I used just the trial version when my company was looking for a Consent Management Platform and I had a good experience.

4.7/5 Capterra

Very good onboarding, the solution was so easy to implement. A lot of features and the product is always up to date with the latest regulations.

4.7/5 Capterra

The easiest CMP for your website! Easy to implement and to use with great support, help and onboarding.

4.7/5 Capterra

Didomi CMP is easy to integrate and use. The team has been available and very helpful. The continuous improvement is also highly appreciated!

4.7/5 Capterra

Didomi's teams are reactive and the interface is easy to use. The documentation for the customization and integration of the CMP is clear. We're entirely satisfied with the solution!

5/5 Sourceforge

I'd recommend Didomi, we just renewed our contract. In general, the tool is easy to implement and has helped us with the GDPR consents.

5/5 Sourceforge

Didomi is easy to use and install! The support team is qualified to give us all the help needed and very friendly people. I fully recommend Didomi to solve your GDPR issues.

5/5 Sourceforge


Websites & apps where Didomi is deployed

+2 bn

Devices on which Didomi collects consent each quarter

+80 bn

Consent events read every month by Didomi’s technology

Illustration of the Didomi technology for all possible consent and preference infrastructure needs

Use Didomi’s consent infrastructure as a foundation for your own privacy projects

We have built an open platform that you can easily leverage for your various consent and preference needs

  • Gather your users’ consent and store it safely. Provide users and regulators an audit trail to help them keep track of changes
  • Distribute your users’ consent and preference statuses to all internal and external systems processing personal data
  • Delegate consent collection to customer-facing staff, enable users to validate their opt-in via their preferred channel with seamless authentication
  • Monitor and optimize consent behavior, thanks to reliable user data
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