Preference Management Platform

Personalized Customer Preference Journeys


Stop guessing - ask customers what they want

An exceptional user experience starts with quality data. Gather customers choices straight from the source, and leverage that zero-party data to generate revenue.

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OUR Strengths


A global leader in consent and privacy, Didomi helps companies put customers in control of their data, generating trust, privacy-conscious growth and, ultimately, revenue.

The future is cookieless
Deploy customer preference widgets to gather zero-party data, skipping the cookies by asking your customer directly for their choices around marketing, communication and topics of interest.
Who better than your users to power your marketing strategy?
Offer unique and highly branded experiences that delight customers and keep them coming back, on all devices and domains.
Reach out where and when it matters
Engage your customers at any point in their journey, with full page displays, embedded form or specific-purpose preference widgets.
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Didomi recognized by the industry

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Cyril T G2 review
Cyril T.

"We had a lot of websites to handle a we love the fact that we can easily manage our cookies policy!"

Sergio M G2 reviews
Sergio M.

"It's very easy to integrate in your website, you can fully customize it, the support has been super useful."

Javier S G2 reviews
Javier S.

"The tool is very intuitive and easy to learn and use.
The creation of consent notices is very fast."

Diana M G2 reviews
Diana M.

"What I value the most is the technical, fast, qualified support."

Gaëlle F G2 reviews
Gaëlle F.

"Support is very reactive.The people helping you know the platform very well and can help effectively"

Andrea M G2 reviews
Andrea M.

"Quick feedback and proactive suggestions to improve our collaboration."

Adrian V G2 reviews B
Adrián V.

"They are so professional people, they were one of the first in the CMP Industry."

Fernanda G G2 reviews
Fernanda G.

"Great and easy tool. CMP configuration made easy for everyone, including non tech."

Property 1=Women
Diana V.

"Very helpful and colaborative team. They are always trying to solve your issues."

Alberto S G2 reviews
Alberto S.

"Useful, easily to use and a great support team. The explanation was clear."

Quentin C G2 reviews
Quentin C.

"User-friendly solution which does not need particular technical background. Also easy to integrate."

Empower your customers with privacy-first interactions that generate business value


All customers have preferences - why not listen?

Make your customers the center of their own journey

Create personalized pages for your customers to provide their communication preferences, or ask them for specific information on the fly using widgets. Gather quality, consented data that keeps each experience unique and continually strengthens the bond with your brand.

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Gather the really rich data for marketing ROI


Give your customers the power to choose

Boost marketing performance with hyper-personalized experiences

Asking users for their interests and preferences directly eliminates irrelevant messaging, reduces email unsubscribes and ensures more engaged and loyal customer base.


User choice metrics across your business

Continuously refine your engagement strategies thanks to direct insight

Leverage built-in analytics on customer choices and preferences on a wide range of parameters such as selection rate, average choice and device.

Customer success team

Privacy UX expertise

Hands-on Customer Success team

Didomi takes a consulting-based approach to ensure that each of our customers can maximize our solutions, backed by highly responsive tech support team.

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Didomi Global Privacy UX Solutions

One platform designed for Privacy UX

Single source of customer choices

Unify customer choices in one powerful platform purpose-built for consent and privacy UX, including consent histories, analytics and compliance reporting.

Tech stack

Streamlined across your tech stack

Distribute customer choices across your business

Maximize the value of customer choices with native integrations, custom connectors and flexible API options.

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Customer success stories

How Mediahuis leverages user preferences to optimize ads revenue

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