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Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor compliance and respect user privacy choices

Gain peace of mind with daily scanning, reduced third-party compliance risk and resource savings.

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What are the benefits?

Property 1=Reliable Detect privacy breaches and implement remediation
Which vendors and trackers don't comply, and why? We put you in control, with analytics and timely alerts so you can take action on violations before they are an issue, preventing fines and protecting your reputation.
Property 1=Operational Reduce time and optimize money invested on compliance
We've helped clients save up to 2.5 FTE*, with features such as smart vendor lists, allowing you to align vendor activity and easily weed out low-value vendors.

* Source: internal data
Property 1=Compliant Ensure high site performance with smart housekeeping 
Are all active vendors legitimate? Our vendor risk assessment and risk-benefit analysis helps you clean up your site for a faster loading time, optimized SEO performance and higher search rankings.

Daily compliance assessment

State-of-the-art tracker monitoring

  • Innovative scanning technology helps you understand:

    - Who are your vendors? Can you trust them?
    - Are they dropping trackers despite user refusal or without explicit consent?
    - How do they interact with each other?
    - What trackers are present, and why?
    - Do they provide you with the expected value ?
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Weekly privacy health digest

360º Privacy Report

  • Comprehensive Privacy Breach reporting, with detailed information on:

    - New vendor activity
    - New tracker presence
    - e-privacy breaches
    - GDPR and TCF violations
    - Discrepancies in your consent chain
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Trackable KPIs to report on compliance progress over time

Privacy Compliance Index

  • Automated scoring of your website, so you can:

    - Create a governance plan for vendor and tracker compliance
    - Share key Privacy achievements with internal or external stakeholders  
    - Run reports and provide proofs to the DPA when required
    - Include Privacy in business performance assessments and reviews
    - Include Privacy in your corporate social responsibility report
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Zoom in on rogue trackers and vendors

e-Privacy Breach Tracker

We help you acquire end-to-end capabilities for detecting and solving rogue tracker issues, with easy-to-follow mapping.

We provide you with a unique Vendor Database that provides you with a deep understanding of your Vendor Ecosystem.


From the vendor down to the tracker causing the breach, including in-depth analysis and the specific url where the tracker is located.

Trackers by Scenario - despite refusal

Be consistent in publishing privacy information

Streamlined management of your privacy assets

Good governance is a core part your privacy strategy, and we make it simple to export your trackers and vendors, so they can be reflected in your CMP, cookie policies, and privacy policies.

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