Advanced Compliance Monitoring

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Automate compliance monitoring across hundreds of websites

Better, more efficient scanning and alerting that saves time and resources.


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OUR Strengths


A global leader in consent and privacy, Didomi helps companies put customers in control of their data, generating trust, privacy-conscious growth and, ultimately, revenue.

Time and cost savings
Optimize the work of up to 2.5 FTE* with the only company on the market providing automated compliance monitoring with innovative tools such as smart vendor lists.

* Source: internal data
Privacy breach detection
Stay in control of vendor and tracker activity, with analytics and alerts so you can proactively react to potential violations, avoid fines and protect your reputation.
Optimize website performance
Run vendor risk assessments and risk-benefit analyses to ensure faster loading time, optimized SEO and higher search rankings.
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Monitor tracker activity and regain control of your ecosystem


Daily compliance assessment

State-of-the-art tracker monitoring

Our innovative scanning technology helps you answer key questions:

 - Who are your vendors and can you trust them? 

- Are they dropping trackers despite user refusal or without explicit consent? 

- How do they interact with each other? 

- What trackers are present, and why? 

- Do they provide any value?

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Detect and contain all privacy breaches and issues in real time
E-privacy breach tracker

e-Privacy Breach Tracker & Cookie List Extract

Zoom in on rogue trackers and vendors

Detect and solve rogue tracker issues, with easy-to-follow mapping and a Vendor Database that provides a deep understanding of your ecosystem from vendor level down to the tracker causing the breach. You can also download a comprehensive vendor and tracker list for your records and analysis.


CMP Vendor Sync

Easily ensure consent notices accurately reflect your vendors

Declaring all of your site vendors in your consent notices is essential for avoiding data privacy breaches. Yet including too many vendors in your notices makes things less transparent for your site users.

By syncing only those vendors actually detected on your site to your notices, you can strike the perfect balance, aligning with TCF v2.2 requirements to keep vendors at a minimum, safeguarding your reputation and ensuring compliance.

Weekly reports

Weekly privacy health digest

360º privacy report

Gain access to comprehensive Privacy Breach reporting, with detailed information on:

- New vendor activity
- New tracker presence
- e-privacy breaches
- GDPR and TCF violations
- Discrepancies in your consent chain

Privacy Compliance Index

Privacy compliance index

Track KPIs and report on compliance progress over time

We generate automated scoring for your website, so you can: 

- Create a governance plan for vendor and tracker compliance 
- Share key Privacy achievements with internal or external stakeholders 
- Run reports and provide proofs to your DPA when required 
- Make Privacy a core part of business performance reviews 
- Include Privacy in your CSR report

Privacy assets

Streamlined management of your privacy assets

Ensure consistency in privacy information publishing

Good governance is a core part any privacy strategy and we make it simple to export your trackers and vendors so they can be reflected in your CMP, cookie policies, and privacy policies.


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