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Didomi for Compliance

Didomi for Compliance

Show exemplary compliance and reduce legal risk by collecting consent across every touchpoint

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Yes We Trust Summit

Didomi Organises Worldwide Event On How Privacy Drives Business. Join us on October 7th for the Yes We Trust Summit.

  • Discuss with prestigious keynote speakers: Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower + Seth Godin, marketing visionary.
  • Network with 1000+ industry leaders
  • Gain invaluable insights on privacy as a business opportunity, around 4 tracks - Yes We Trust in Marketing, Data, Compliance and Tech.

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European leader that raised USD 40M

By making data collection, storage and usage painless for companies, Didomi is putting users in the driver’s seat of their personal data, thus ensuring regulatory compliance.

Comply with regulation globally

  • Didomi’s consent and preference management technology allows you to comply with privacy regulation globally (GDPR, CPRA…)

  • Effectively collect, store, manage and provide proof of user consent across digital assets and physical data collection points

  • Allow your users to access and update their preferences instantaneously, as requested by the most stringent privacy laws

Ensure full data compliance

  • Build real-time, customer-friendly interfaces to inform your users about their consent and preferences
  • Automatically access and modify changes across every data system within your company and every vendor your work with
  • Prove the robustness of your data practices to users and regulators, who share the same interest

Get back to your stakeholders with actionable solutions

  • Give your organization an understanding of what data you hold, how it is used, and what actions can be taken to ensure compliance
  • Position yourself as a business-driver, deliver actionable advice for effective usage of personal data
  • Enable your customer-facing teams to access, share, modify customer preferences whenever they request them

Protect corporate reputation

  • Make sure internal stakeholders properly collect, use and share personal data in a compliant and responsible way
  • Reduce the risk of being fined by demonstrating full compliance against local or global regulations
  • Build a reputation as an exemplary organization & never be associated to rogue data practices