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Distribute consent where you need it

Didomi’s technology helps you share reliable consent statuses across your systems internally, and with trusted partners externally. We know how important the integration layer is for an organisation, that’s why we are committed to provide the highest integration level, far beyond the standard one.

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Logo of WEBEDIA which uses Didomi's technology to store and prove user consent
Logo of DECATHLON which uses Didomi's technology to store and prove user consent
Logo of RAKUTEN which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of ORANGE which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent

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  • Discuss with prestigious keynote speakers: Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower + Seth Godin, marketing visionary.
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European leader that raised USD 40M

In this privacy-centric world, you need to make sure that all data processing, wherever it happens, is based on user permission. We got you covered.

Besides storing consent, Didomi’s also provides you with the technological infrastructure to distribute consent reliably with all your partners.

Embedded privacy

Embed privacy into your data infrastructure so that it becomes impossible for anyone to operate on data without proven consent.

User and team permissions

Allow your internal teams and external partners to process personal data only for consenting users, and revoke access at any time

Real-time distribution

Distribute your users consent statuses and any subsequent updates in near real-time to your teams and partners.

Didomi’s CMP is TCF v2-compliant

Didomi’s is part of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) which allows publishers to monetize only consented user data. Our cookie consent notice will record the user’s consent and transmit it in real-time to advertising vendors through a so-called “consent string."

Safe consent distribution, built for developers

Didomi’s consent distribution infrastructure allows you to deploy consent events on all your internal platforms and with external partners instantaneously. For the first time, developers can build a safe, reliable privacy tech infrastructure with Didomi’s solutions that have been purposely designed for them.

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