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Provide actionable advice for your clients’ compliance challenges

As an external Data Protection Officer (DPO), a law firm or any type of qualified legal counsel that advises clients on compliance and privacy issues, you know how complex good consent and preference management is. Our technology provides an ideal solution for your clients who seek to address compliance or reduce risk with your legal advice.

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Why add Didomi as a partner of your Legal Practice?

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  • Our technology is built to easily address specific compliance risks

  • Retain your clients by recommending world-class technology

  • Choose a partner with a proven track-record

  • Refer to a legal tech vendor with impeccable customer-service

"For our clients who need more than just a Privacy Policy for their websites or apps, and who actually look for a complete consent and preference management system, Didomi offers a remarkable solution!

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GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM… your clients are increasingly educated about privacy regulations, mostly thanks to your sound advice. We provide off-the-shelf solutions to help them comply, let us explain you how.
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We will present you how Didomi’s technology helps your clients collect, store and distribute consents in all compliance. If you feel there’s a fit, we’ll send a formal agreement across for your review.
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Upon request, we can schedule complementary demo sessions to go into the workings of our solutions before signing the partnership with your firm.

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