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Scan your website. Know if you are GDPR compliant.

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Test your compliance
Group 1342
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Totally free. No credit card required.

We know that GDPR compliance can get quite heavy and complex. Leave the hard work to us with our free compliance report.

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Report generated in less than 2 mins

You'll know in a few minutes if your website is GDPR compliant.

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Have your action plan ready

Know exactly which actions you should be taking to get GDPR compliant ASAP.

They trust us for their GDPR compliance



Get peace of mind

Know exactly what actions you should be taking on your website to become compliant

If some conditions are not met, you'll see exactly which actions you should be taking. We scan your website and check:

  • How many cookies are dropped?
  • Are users tracked in a compliant way?
  • Is your privacy policy legal-proof?
  • Is your SSL certificate valid?
  • Does your certificate has at least one trusted certification path and has not been revoked?
Group 1343-1