GDPR compliance

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Easily comply with the most stringent data privacy regulation in the world

Understand how GDPR impacts your business and digital activities, and how Didomi can help solve key challenges.
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Enforced since 2018


EU consumers have rights:

  • Withdraw consent for data processing anytime
  • Correct or delete personal data upon request
  • Right to know personal data retention periods
  • Opt-out of solely automated decision-making and profiling
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As a business, you have new obligations:

  • Present a clear privacy notice detailing data handling, controller identity, processing purposes, legal basis, and user rights
  • Enable users to exercise rights, including DSARs
  • Practice data minimization for collection and processing
  • Perform data privacy impact assessments and enforce cybersecurity measures to protect data
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Financial and reputational risks for a business:

  • Severe violations: Fines up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover
  • Less severe violations: Fines up to €10 million or 2% of annual turnover
  • Risk of reputation damage and customer loss. 40% of consumers would switch brands after a negative privacy experience*

* source: Google/IPSOS

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Some great ressources

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Helping you solve for GDPR compliance

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Monitor tracker activity and regain control of your ecosystem

Gain a clear vision of site activity and lower your third-party compliance risk with automated scans and breach detection.


Align your consent notices with the cookies and trackers deployed on your site

Deploy the right consent banner for the right location, prioritizing UX and transparency for higher consent rates and more efficient use of resources.

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Empower your users with simple, transparent ways to access their rights.

Effortlessly manage and track user requests (DSAR), ensuring timely, transparent and compliant responses.

Didomi helps you solve the challenges of GDPR

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Impact on analytics

Without user consent under GDPR, you cannot measure analytical performance (sessions/sales) or share data with your MarTech ecosystem.

Important: server-side tracking is not exempt. If users do not give their consent, you will have to calculate performance using data modelling.

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Law 25


Impact on media performance

As a business, your ability to run remarketing audiences depends on users providing consent.

If users do not consent, you cannot track conversions, resulting in lower in-platform performance and fewer data points for AI optimization.

If you are a website publisher, you won't be able to maximize advertising revenue without consent.

Law 25


Impact on user experience

Ensuring choices are respected and giving them simple and transparent ways to access their data at all times will reinforce user trust.

A reliable and efficient consent management process will prevent users from leaving a website due to confusing language or off-putting consent banners.

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