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Didomi's Consent Management Platform

With a Consent Management Platform (CMP), companies don't have to guesswork data compliance on web, app or connected TV. The Didomi CMP is IAB Europe TCF v2 approved, and CCPA & GDPR compliant. Use data privacy to create value with trust. Boost consent rates and use consent analytics to turn privacy into a business opportunity.

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Didomi’s CMP
is compliant with

Frame 1123-1


Frame 1122







The Privacy
Act 1998




Consent Management Platform

Turn data compliance into business opportunity

Compliance is about more than consent collection. It's about turning consumer privacy into customer experience. Prioritize UX and demonstrate transparency in your data collection. Boost consent rates, and turn privacy into a business opportunity.

Property 1=Legal

Comply with regulation globally

Comply with data privacy laws globally (GDPR, CCPA) and data protection authorities locally (CNIL, Garante, AEPD). Show exemplary compliance across all touchpoints (web, app, connected TV). The Didomi CMP is approved by the IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework.


Store and prove user consent

Didomi provides you with a technological infrastructure to store, update and prove cookie consent. Comply with legal obligation regarding personal information data processing and tag management. Export consent data using either Consent API, webhooks or Batch Export.

Property 1=Performance

Monitor and drive your consent metrics

Protecting data rights does not mean compromising on data analytics. Consent rate, bounce rate, page views, app sessions, data comparison per country: Didomi provides more than 20 metrics and KPIs. Companies have more control over their website analytics, with customizable dashboards in the Didomi Console.


Ensure exemplary data compliance

Comply with data regulation globally

Comply with data privacy laws globally (GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant) and data protection authorities locally (CNIL, Garante, AEPD). Reduce legal risk and protect corporate reputation.


Optimize UX with consent-centric marketing

Improve marketing through compliance

The Consent Management Platform (CMP) is about more than compliance. It's about turning consumer privacy into customer experience. Fully customize and A/B test the CMP to prioritize UX and boost customer interaction. Turn compliance hurdles into marketing opportunity.

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Why a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

How much can you save with Didomi's CMP?

It's time to turn concepts into actionable metrics. Crunch the numbers and find out how the Didomi CMP can turn privacy into a business opportunity for your company.

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Consent Management Platform

Maximize your compliance


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How did one of Europe's leading banks manage to become compliant across hundreds of websites?

SociΓ©tΓ© GΓ©nΓ©rale is one of the oldest banks in France: it was created more than 150 years ago and ranks 3rd among the largest French banks and 6th in Europe today. The group serves nearly 30 million customers across 60 countries and has hundreds of websites. When the CNIL issued new recommendations in 2021, the bank faced a major challenge: to bring all its websites into compliance and protect its users' personal data in just a few weeks.

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Didomi is a flexible and robust tool for consent management. Everything is simple and quickly accessible and the support is nice. They even allow us to carry out AB Test!

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Didomi collects your personal data in order to provide you with the product or service you have requested and to ensure that you receive an appropriate response. Our legal basis is our legitimate business development interest. Consent remains central to Didomi, you have the right to delete, modify or object to the use of your personal data via our Preference Center. For more information please visit our Privacy Center or contact our DPO

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