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Sorry... Don't you mean: "Update my Preferences?"

You clicked on "Unsubscribe", but is this really what you want? Explore your options: you've got control. Why not change your preferences instead? Select (or un-select) your authorized channels (email, mail, SMS, phone) & communication subscriptions thanks to our Preference Center.

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Only for those who are 100% sure

You're breaking our heart a little bit, but we respect your rights. If you're absolutely sure that you don't want to receive any communication of any kind from us, please just fill in this form. But know that it makes us sad and we'd love to have your feedback on why we're going our separate ways... 

Didomi respects data privacy, and data preferences

It's not just a question of opt-in versus opt-out anymore. Thanks to the Didomi Preference Center, users have more control. They can choose their data preferences. Find out more about our thoughts on data rights, and how a PC can build trust and generate revenue.

Respecting legislation and promoting data ethics


It is imperative that organizations understand the implications of cookies and respect consent, paying particular attention to how they collect, store and deploy personal data through their web trackers. 

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Preference Center can build user trust and generate revenue


Our Preference Center (PC) enables your customers to access and change their communication preferences (opt-out, modify channels, frequency or content) at any time, on any device.

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