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Didomi for Developers

Didomi for Developers

We provide you a comprehensive platform built on open APIs and adequate documentation to help you integrate customer consent into your operations

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We help you easily build customer permission into your technology, at scale.

Didomi offers an open infrastructure to provide users with control over their data, which is often distributed across many, complex systems.

Illustration of facilitated privacy management thanks to Didomi's technically impecable, open platform

Make consent and preference management easy

  • Embed Didomi’s consent and preference management infrastructure in all screens and customer touchpoints

  • Implement privacy and data protection requirements into your tech in a unified and auditable manner

  • Build tools that reduce engineering load required by your privacy and legal teams

Illustration of facilitated engineering resource allocation thanks to Didomi's technically impecable, open platform

Help your team

  • Build an end-to-end consent platform for your entire organization, aiming to maintain high availability and reliability over consents
  • Provide your colleagues with consent and preference management solutions without messing up their key workflows
  • Enable feature teams with proper tools to handle privacy without increasing engineering load unnecessarily
Illustration of easier internal communication about privacy, thanks to Didomi's platform

Enable your privacy data

  • Provide your legal and business-oriented teams with unambiguous, real-time data about consent and preferences
  • Communicate metadata internally and externally, so that your colleagues and partners know how to use it
  • Enable your teams to know when consent is needed, when new data is collected or it’s used for new purposes

We are open about our technology.

Browse our documentation to understand how we can help you build consent into your infrastructure.

Our technology is highly reliable. Check out our status report to assess the reliability and scalability of our services.

Technical documentation
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