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Maximize your audience’s potential by sending consented and compliant user data to trusted advertising partners

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Didomi is every AdTech professional’s best partner.

Our solution has been built to allow ambitious publishers and advertisers get the most out of their audiences while complying with privacy regulations. Find out how Didomi is every Adtech professional’s best partner.

Increase revenue through compliance

  • Increase ad revenue by serving programmatic ads based only on consented, compliant user data

  • Give users clear options about sharing their data to see targeted ads, or allow them to pay to access content

  • Build trust and retain users by collecting consent only when necessary, and store their choice as long as possible

Optimize user opt-in rates

  • Didomi’s CMP was designed to continuously optimize user opt-in to generate regular, sustainable revenue
  • Test multiple consent notice formats, designs and messages thanks to advanced features on the Didomi Console
  • Get expert advice from our team to increase consent rates across your different devices

Impeccable Adtech integration

  • Didomi offers a TCF v2-compliant Consent Management Platform for you to collect, store and prove user consent
  • Reliably pass-on consent to IAB and non-IAB vendors through reliable integrations

We are an IAB member, our CMP is TCF v2-compliant

Didomi’s is a registered member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and an active member of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) steering committee. The TCF allows publishers to properly monetize only consented user data. Our technology will collect, store and transmit consent in real-time to vendors.

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