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Didomi’s Consent Management Platform

In today’s privacy-conscious world, you will need your users’ consent to use their data for your analytics, AB-testing, retargeting or monetization strategies. Our Consent Management Platform (CMP) is the best way to gather, store and synchronize this consent across countries and platforms, in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CPRA.

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Logo of RAKUTEN which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of ORANGE which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of ULTIMATE KRONOS GROUP which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of WEIGHT WATCHERS which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of ADEVINTA which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent

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Didomi Organises Worldwide Event On How Privacy Drives Business. Join us on October 7th for the Yes We Trust Summit.

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Didomi helps you get informed,
compliant user consent

Our Consent Management Platform (CMP) allows you to easily manage and optimize user consent collection on all your channels

For Web

Include the Didomi solution on your website with a simple <script> tag on the top of your pages.

For Mobile

Include the Didomi SDK in your iOS app, your Android app, or on your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and gather consent when you deem it most relevant to you users.

For Connected TV

Didomi consent management SDK solution can be used to collect users consent on connected TVs & OTT applications, on which personalized advertising is increasingly commonplace.

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For Video games

Didomi’s consent management SDK is compatible with Unity® to allow developers to monetize their games while complying with GDPR, CPRA and similar privacy regulations.

A developer-friendly Consent Management Platform

Didomi can be deployed on all your platforms to get user consent for collecting and using their personal data. Didomi’s platform comes with the adequate documentation and examples to make your life as a developper easier. You will love our open APIs and events that make it fast to embed our CMP in a custom way. Our technology integrates with third-parties to ensure that consent is correctly synced and distributed no matter what tools you are using.

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Technical documentation

Didomi’s CMP is TCF v2-compliant

As part of the IAB’s programmatic advertising standard Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), Didomi consent notices allow publishers to record and share user consents instantaneously. Thus, you make sure to share personal data only when users have explicitly consented to it.

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