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Monitor and drive your consent rate

Customer-centric organisations make consent rates a key metric of their operations, because it’s not only related to the permission for the data processing, but also to the customer trust. Our analytics technology lets you closely monitor and analyse key metrics, to measure performances with hard numbers.

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Illustration of consent metrics reporting on the Didomi Console
Logo of PIERRE & VACANCES CENTER PARKS which uses Didomi to drive opt-in and optimize clients' consent rates
Logo of RAKUTEN which uses Didomi to drive opt-in and optimize clients' consent rates
Logo of ORANGE which uses Didomi to drive opt-in and optimize clients' consent rates

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. Didomi’s platform allows you to monitor the metrics that matter to build trust with privacy.

We have built our technology to provide you with reliable, granular dashboards to improve opt-in and reduce opt-out rates.

Consent logs

Understand how and when your users opt-in, opt-out, or change the consent, with detailed informations and across all channels.

Consent analytics

Get the detailed picture of your consent rates and easily detect unexpected variations in the users behaviours. Measure the impact of changes and make your rates grow.


Share key metrics with your stakeholders and incentivize them on data collection without compromising on compliance.

Developers, build your own consent reporting

Didomi’s data architecture allows developers to build your own monitoring tools. If you want to go further than the analytics provided on the Didomi Console, use the raw data and create stunning visualizations for your teams.

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Let’s discuss your reporting needs, and we’ll see how Didomi can help you monitor the data that matters most to you.

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