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Enable teams to collect preferences online & offline.

Are you able to delegate consent collection and modification beyond digital? Have you empowered customer-facing teams to update customer permission across all your channels? Didomi’s delegated consent collection technology helps you gather and authentify consent easily, across the entire organization.

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Logo of DIDOMI which uses Didomi's technology for delegated, authentified consent management

Allow anyone within your organization to update preferences, and let your consumers validate any change

With Didomi’s technology, you can build user-friendly ways for consumers to give, update and revoke permission.



Delegate consent collection to your customer-facing staff, let consumers update preferences from anywhere

  • Customer support staff

  • In-store salespeople

  • Call center employees

  • Trade show clerks

Illustration of growing opt-in from consumers across different channels

Drive opt-in

Drive active consumer opt-in across all your organizations’ channels and touchpoints

  • Web & app consent notices
  • Email unsubscription
  • SMS opt-out
Illustration of authentified consent change


Authentify all consent changes of your data subjects, correctly identify the requestor using robust authentication system to avoid any misattribution

  • OAuth 2
  • JWT Magic Links
  • MFA

How a global specialist in construction tools improves shopper loyalty & drives opt-in

This company puts their users in the driving seat of their data. They streamline consent collection both online and in-store. They are transparent in their data practices. As such, they build trust, customer loyalty and sustainable growth.

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Illustration of Didomi's technology as an enabler for delegated consent and authentication

User-friendly consent workflows, built for developers

Didomi’s data privacy infrastructure allows tech and product teams to build reliable workflows to collect consent and update preferences. We provide you with flexible, elegant solutions to build customer permission into your systems.

Didomi for developers
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