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Help your clients grow their revenue with consented user data

As a Didomi adtech partner, you will drive growth for yourself and your clients by increasing monetization opportunities thanks to our easy-to-deploy consent management technology.

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The advertising technology company SMART ADSERVER has partnered with Didomi to help their clients
The advertising technology company TEALIUM has partnered with Didomi to help their clients
The advertising technology company EULERIAN has partnered with Didomi to help their clients
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Why join Didomi as an Adtech Vendor?

  • Offer practical solutions to your clients’ challenges of a privacy-driven world

  • Earn an attractive commission on clients you refer to us

  • Help your clients make the most of consented data

  • Outsmart your competitors by recommending industry-leading technology

“Didomi’s solution is very popular among our clients, who experience incredibly high consent string accuracy with this strong CMP.”

Adrien Thil, Corporate Development Director, Smart Adserver

How to join
Didomi’s adtech partner network?

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Ad networks, native advertising networks, retargeting providers… any adtech is welcome to apply. If you’re a good fit, we’ll schedule an intro call.
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If we get along, we’ll send you our official partnership agreement. Make sure to review it, sign it, and don’t forget to refer a client while sending it back!
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If needed, we’ll go through a dedicated onboarding process so you can understand Didomi’s solutions thoroughly before referring us to your clients.

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