Didomi CMP for Connected TV

The digital advertising industry is widely considering connected TV as the next big growth driver. How can you access this new world of advertising potential without compromising your users’ data rights? The Didomi CMP is both compliant and performant.

Didomi Connected TV CTV consent management solution

A TCF-Compliant solution for Connected TV

Didomi is the first European CMP to launch a solution for connected TV that is compliant with the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) by the IAB Europe.

Compatible with Apple TV and Android TV

The solution runs on both Apple and Android TV to collect, store, and optimise user consent. It is available on OTT apps and smart TV.

Personalize user experience and increase opt-in rates

The Didomi CMP is available in 26 languages, and allows you to modify the text of your consent notice to suit your branding.

In the demo,
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How will the Didomi solution transform your company? Let's create an action plan together so that your company excels in consent and preference management.

  • The current situation of your company
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