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Get ready for Law 25

Understand how Québec's Law 25 will impact your business and digital activities, and how Didomi can help solve key challenges.

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What to expect?
September 2023: second round of Law 25 obligations come into effect.

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Transparency obligations

  • Increase transparency in personal data collection, usage, and consumer rights.
  • Disclose third-party data recipients and any data transfers outside Quebec.
  • Notify individuals about automated decision-making and their rights to understand, review, or appeal.
  • Provide information on data collected, access within the company, retention, and data protection contacts.
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New rules for consent

  • Law 25 mandates clear, transparent messaging for consent.
  • Express consent required for using sensitive data beyond original purposes.
  • Parental consent needed for collecting data on children under 14.
  • Biometrics for identity verification require express consent.
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Financial penalties

  • Private-sector companies face potential fines of 10,000,000 Canadian dollars or 2% of global turnover from the previous fiscal year.
  • Higher penalties are foreseen for the most serious offences.
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Are there any exceptions to the requirement to obtain consent?

Yes, if the use of data is necessary for providing or delivering a product or service requested by a consumer.

This includes so-called "essential" cookies and trackers.

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Didomi Montréal: Turning the challenges of Law 25 into opportunities


Didomi teamed up with Adviso and the National Bank of Canada for a conference in Montreal, addressing data protection issues in Quebec and around the world, and how companies can turn them into opportunities. Focusing on the topics of Law 25, trust, consent management and digital performance measurement, the panel included Axel Queffeulou, Senior Data Solutions Architect at Adviso, Philippe Rincon, Vice-President of Digital at the National Bank of Canada, and Raphaël Boukris, Co-Founder and CRO at Didomi.


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What is the digital impact of Law 25?
Consent is mandatory for triggering all trackers
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Impact on analytics

Without user consent under Law 25, you cannot measure analytical performance (sessions/sales) or share data with your MarTech ecosystem.

Important: server-side tracking is not exempt. If users do not give their consent, you will have to calculate performance using data modelling.

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Law 25


Impact on media performance

As a business, your ability to run remarketing audiences depends on users providing consent.

If users do not consent, you cannot track conversions, resulting in lower in-platform performance and fewer data points for AI optimization.

If you are a website publisher, you won't be able to maximize advertising revenue without consent.

Law 25

LAW 25 - UX

Impact on user experience

Ensuring choices are respected and giving them simple and transparent ways to access their data at all times will reinforce user trust.

A reliable and efficient consent management process will prevent users from leaving a website due to confusing language or off-putting consent banners.

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Didomi helps you solve
the challenges of Law 25

Law 25


Consent management

Collect user consent for all countries and devices.

Create consent banners that reflect your brand while easily managing vendors and purposes. 

Generate proofs of consent in a few clicks, from a single source of truth.

Measure and optimize consent rates with advanced Analytics.

Law 25


Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Detect and proactively react to privacy breaches.

Reduce time and optimize your compliance investment.

Ensure continued high performance with automated maintenance.