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Monetize your audience without compromising on privacy. By getting your users’ permission, not only can you run lucrative personalized ads while being compliant with privacy regulations, but you also lay the basis for a trusted, long-term relationship with your brand.

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The publisher MEDIAHUIS uses Didomi's consent management technology to monetize its inventory
The publisher 20 MINUTES uses Didomi's consent management technology to monetize its inventory

Didomi is the publishing industry’s preferred consent management platform, because we help you deliver on performance by capturing valuable data while staying perfectly compliant.

Illustration of a personalized, branded consent notice on a publisher's website or app

Ask for consent, your way

  • Welcome your users with a clear, branded consent notice that informs them about cookie/tracker usage and provides full transparency about data collection purposes
  • Allow you subscribers to modulate their communication preferences at any time, on any device, through a fully functional, branded interface
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Illustration of Didomi's technology to build trust with a publisher's audience

Trust starts with great privacy

  • People care about privacy, and they want to make an informed choice about their data. The best way to build a trusted relationship is to provide full transparency about your cookie usage 
  • Acquiring readers is difficult, retaining them is a nightmare, especially if they are not paying subscribers. Building your Preference Center is the centerpiece of your retention strategy
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Illustration of Didomi's tools to optimize reader opt-in rates to increase addressable inventory

Continuously optimize to drive opt-in

  • Programmatic advertising is still an essential part of your monetization, and you need to collect consent for that. We provide you with the exact tool you need.
  • Today’s media landscape is scattered across channels, screens and subscription types. Make sure users are always a few clicks away from their preferred way of hearing from you.
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Illustration of Didomi's tools to distribute a publisher's audience consent status to all technology partners

Provide your technology partners perfectly valid consent

  • With a well-functioning CMP, you are sure to send your advertising vendors a TCF-compliant consent string, cleared for monetization
  • To make sure that your content reaches each user on the device and platform they choose, you will need a way to accurately store and update their preferences.
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Didomi is an IAB member, and our CMP is TCF v2-compliant

Didomi’s is a registered member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and an active member of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) steering committee. We have worked with publishers since day one and know their challenges by heart.

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Didomi helps you build trust and revenue through better consent management. Let us show you how we can help.

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