Digital Markets Act (DMA)


Get ready for the Digital Markets Act

As an advertiser, it's essential to demonstrate that consent was obtained before sharing personal data with gatekeepers, in line with the DMA requirements.

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OUR Strengths

Highest opt-in rates

Didomi provides the technology and expertise behind some of the highest consent rates on the market  allowing more data sharing with the gatekeepers.

Consent mode V2 certified

Ensure compatibility and integration with Google's advertising platforms and Consent Mode requirements under DMA.

Following all regulatory evolutions

Talking about the DMA or any other regulations that might impact your business, we follow all the evolutions to ensure our product remains the best in breed.

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What are the impacts of the DMA on your business?


Obligations for companies under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

The Digital Markets Act enforces fair competition, limits misuse of personal data by gatekeepers, and ensures user choice and data interoperability, adapting to market changes.

Gatekeepers are digital platforms that exercise considerable economic power and connect many business users with end users.

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Impact on consent collection

The new Digital Markets Act shows that businesses operating in the EU cannot overlook how they collect and handle personal data.

Gatekeepers, as defined by the Digital Markets Act, must obtain consent from users before using their personal data for advertising purposes.


Gatekeepers will roll-out new requirements for advertisers

In 2024, gatekeepers will implement updates to comply with the DMA, including new requirements for advertisers using their platforms.

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Didomi is onboarding gatekeepers new requirements


Supporting Google Consent Mode

Consent mode V2, mandatory starting March 2024

From March 2024, advertisers wanting to use online audiences on Google Ads will need to share the audience data using Google Consent Mode.

Didomi integrates with Google Consent Mode, indicating to Google whether consent has been granted for Analytics and Ads trackers.

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Other gatekeepers

Waiting for new frameworks

As other gatekeepers release updates on how they integrate consent into their audience management workflows, you can expect news from our team.

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Questions about the impact of DMA?

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