IAB Europe CTV Guide


IAB Europe’s Guide to the Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe

The European Connected TV (CTV) market has skyrocketed in recent years. IAB Europe released this Guide to help planners and buyers of media understand and navigate how CTV can operate programmatically. As the first European company to offer a TCF-compliant consent management solution for CTV, Didomi is proud to have contributed to this guide to discuss privacy and CTV.

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IAB - CTV - LP (Square) (EN)

An introduction to the European CTV ecosystem

IAB - CTV - LP (Square) (EN)

A deep-dive into the programmatic CTV supply chain and how to understand it

IAB - CTV - LP (Square) (EN)

A step-by-step guide to planning and operating a CTV campaign programmatically

IAB - CTV - LP (Square) (EN)

What the future of programmatic CTV holds

"The AdTech industry should place consumer permission at the core of the new OTT model. That’s the only way to have long-term, sustainable growth that respects consumers’ ability to choose their CTV experience."

Tamara Nordberg, Product Marketing Manager