Whitepaper: Didomi for banks


Why and how should you place consent at the core of the customer relationship in banking?

PSD2. GDPR. The 8 letters that changed the financial services sector. The collection of customer consent has never been more important. Without it, banks are unable to use customer data for analytics, retargeting, or monetisation. They have little information on what their clients' specific needs are, and what potential commercial opportunities could be offered to address these.

Discover the true value of compliance and how to turn consent into a critical competitive differentiator in this whitepaper.

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Why is consent & preference management so crucial in the banking sector?

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Will clients share more personal data to enjoy services beyond basic bank account management?

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Does beyond banking, the provision of additional high-value services, represent the future of financial services?

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How can banks use omnichannel preference management to build authentic customer engagement?

“Two-thirds of banking customers are happy to provide more data to help trusted advisors meet their specific needs”

Deloitte: Relations banques et clients, 10th edition