Didomi Whitepaper: From Privacy to Preference

How data regulation is changing marketing for the better.

The end of frantic data collection is actually good news for marketers.This whitepaper addresses various issues around consent & preference management, and helps you better manage its complexity with a 6 step roadmap on how to make the most out of the data you collect.

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  • When am I required to collect consent, when not?

  • How do I make sure that user consent is properly collected?

  • How do I distribute my customers’ preferences across my client base?

  • How to manage consent in a satisfactory way across the users’ journey?

  • What KPIs should I follow to gauge whether my marketing efforts pay off?

"Marketers in 2020 understand that mass collection is not always cost-effective, while focusing on the customer is beneficial to the brand. 2020 will be the decade when marketers will collect less data, and use it better."