E-book: Privacy Made Positive™


Evidence that consumers act on privacy.

Securys Limited commissioned Kantar to survey more than 4,000 consumers across Great Britain, Ireland, France and Germany about whether privacy impacts buying decisions and brand loyalty (survey sponsored by Didomi).

The results were clear: Consumers act on privacy. Download the e-book if you want to know what European consumers think about privacy, how it impacts their purchasing decisions and why your company should care. Our Privacy Made Positive (TM) research will get your colleagues, board and investors to care about investing in privacy!

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VF  Privacy Made Positive - Landing page

"On average, 80% of consumers pay attention to privacy before purchase"

VF  Privacy Made Positive - Landing page

"Some 80% believe that transparency is important for trusting a company or brand"

VF  Privacy Made Positive - Landing page

"Around two-thirds of consumers modify their purchasing decisions in line with supplier privacy commitments"

"In what could be described as the new dawning age of privacy, trusted firms and trusted brands that embed privacy considerations into their larger business and long term planning stand to benefit. Business models of those that are not, and do not, stand to become increasingly challenged."

Ben Rapp, Founder, Securys