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Didomi for Marketing

Build a better marketing function with consented and constantly updated customer data

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Yes We Trust Summit

Didomi Organises Worldwide Event On How Privacy Drives Business. Join us on October 7th for the Yes We Trust Summit.

  • Discuss with prestigious keynote speakers: Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower + Seth Godin, marketing visionary.
  • Network with 1000+ industry leaders
  • Gain invaluable insights on privacy as a business opportunity, around 4 tracks - Yes We Trust in Marketing, Data, Compliance and Tech.

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European leader that raised USD 40M

We don’t believe that high-performance marketing and data ethics are contradictory in nature.

Here are several ways Didomi helps marketers improve their operations while driving impact on their KPIs.

Increase Return on Marketing Investment

  • You will need consent to use many essential marketing tools, from emailing to analytics, A/B testing or website & app personalization

  • Only after obtaining explicit customer permission can you leverage their data to drive revenue across formats and channels

  • Customers will dismiss or ignore your marketing messages if they have not consented to them, and you will lose valuable engagement

Take Informed Decisions

  • Get a view of your users’ permission analytics for your marketing team to care about
  • Understand which formats and message drive opt-in or reduce opt-out and optimize it continuously
  • Make better digital marketing decisions thanks to consented, constantly updated customer data

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

  • Make sure your marketing team uses only compliant user data and reduce the risk of being fined
  • Avoid your legal team any headaches by making sure to be fully compliant with privacy regulations
  • Build your reputation & never be worried about the PR-disaster that would associate your company with rogue data practices

Retain Your Customers

  • Build better, trusted customer relationships by providing them with real privacy choices on any channel
  • Delight your users with a transparent, branded user experience when it comes to updating their preferences
  • Reduce opt-outs and unsubscribes on all your marketing touchpoints through functional user interfaces

Improve Data Sanity

  • Maintain accurate customer preferences and consent details across all your CRM and marketing systems
  • Shift your marketing thinking from massive data collection to better, consented data utilization
  • Design great UX and smart workflows to allow consumers to update their data at any time, on any device

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