Didomi's Preference Center


Create impactful campaigns that drive results with marketing automation. Optimize data collection and ensure authentic omnichannel marketing engagement, while remaining compliant.


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Websites & apps where Didomi is deployed

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Devices on which Didomi collects consent each quarter

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Consent events read every month by Didomi’s technology

The Didomi Preference Center Platform

Your customers care about data privacy. So put them first with a customer data platform determining the control and usage of consents.

A consent and preferences management solution will transform data quantity into data quality

Improve data sanity thanks to a continuously updated CRM, and enhance the performance of your cluster marketing campaigns. Get the most out of your data while remaining compliant.

Respect data privacy and optimize customer engagement

The Didomi Preference Center allows you to use consent to reinforce customer trust by being transparent about the use of data. This is the best way to build and sustain authentic customer engagement.

In the demo,
we’ll get through:

How will a Preference Center transform your company? Let's create an action plan together so that your company excels in consent and preference management.

  • The current situation of your company
  • Your needs (consent & privacy management)
  • Project timeline and how we can help you

"Didomi provided us with a powerful and very flexible solution to fulfil our regulatory obligations without compromising the user experience."

Philippe Rincon, VP Transformation, Ricardo Media