Didomi Whitepaper: Customer Permission in Retail & E-commerce

How to delight your customers and grow your sales while staying compliant with privacy regulation.


This whitepaper sets out a plan for how e-commerce and retail companies should develop a new measuring model for their return on investment (ROI), alongside a 6 step roadmap on how your company can implement great consent and preference management.

Prioritising customer permission and trust will optimize:

WHITEPAPER - E-commerce LP (BigSquare) Grey Background (EN)
  • Your retargeting strategy

  • Your emailing strategy

  • Your customers’ online and in store experience

  • Your return on investment (ROI)

"Industry professionals have estimated that for every £1 spent on consent and preference management systems, they receive somewhere in the region of £37-46 in return."

Data & Marketing Association, 2020