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Store and prove user consent with Didomi

It is increasingly difficult for organizations to centralize user consent, which is often distributed across many systems and countries, and to make it actionable to internal and external stakeholders. Didomi’s infrastructure helps you store and leverage your consumers’ consents to make consent management fluid across any channel.

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Logo of DECATHLON which uses Didomi's technology to store and prove user consent
Logo of RAKUTEN which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent
Logo of ORANGE which uses Didomi's CMP to better manage user consent

Does your company have global, real-time visibility on your users’ consents and preferences? Are they enforced properly and can they be easily audited?

Didomi’s technology provides you with a technological infrastructure to store, update, leverage and prove consent for all your users across channels.

Illustration of consent data import into Didomi


Import your users’ consents and preference statuses from a variety of sources.

  • AWS S3

  • Google storage

  • Batch import

  • Webhooks

  • Custom imports

Consent database illustration


Store all consent statuses from your customers, regardless of channels and geography, as a single source of truth

Consent being shared across tools


Update the preferences of your users and distribute the changes across all your systems instantaneously

  • Consent notice

  • Preference Center

  • Delegated consent

  • Custom workflows

A preference and consent history


Prove your users’ consent and preference history to help service teams and regulators understand changes precisely.

Technology behind consent storage and versioning

A Consent Management Platform built for developers

Didomi’s consent storage infrastructure can be deployed on all your platforms to leverage user preferences safely and instantaneously across all touchpoints. Developers love to build reliable privacy infrastructure with our solutions, because Didomi has always been designed with and for them.

Didomi for developers
Technical documentation

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Didomi collects your personal data in order to provide you with the product or service you have requested and to ensure that you receive an appropriate response. Our legal basis is our legitimate business development interest. Consent remains central to Didomi, you have the right to delete, modify or object to the use of your personal data via our Preference Center. For more information please visit our Privacy Center or contact our DPO

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