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Easily build better consent & preference management into your technology

As a Didomi technology partner, you get access to easy-to-deploy, integrated, flexible consent technology that makes it easy for you to make complex privacy projects user-friendly. Let us show you how to add consent and preference management into your product.

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Why join Didomi as a Technology Partner?

Join Didomi as a Tech partners
  • We deliver the preference management infrastructure that your users expect

  • Make user permissions easily accessible on any screen and any device

  • Build user trust by delighting them with unexpected simplicity

  • Deliver privacy features that you would never have prioritized otherwise

"Didomi provides a unique and solid consent and preference management technology, which allows us to help our clients on highly strategic privacy projects with a complete offering.

Benjamin Bellity, Co-Founder, Smart Global Governance®

How to join
Didomi’s tech partner network?

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Marketing automation platforms, CRM providers… partners across the entire tech spectrum use Didomi’s technology to centralize user permissions. If you can need a hand to better handle consents and preferences, let’s have a call.
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If our technologies are compatible, or if we believe Didomi can build a custom integration, we’ll discuss an official tech partnership.
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Many times, this will require detailed introductory sessions to verify that our solutions work well together. This seems painful, but we rapidly know how our consent and preference management infrastructure can help you.

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