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Make online and in-store consent management a fluid experience. By collecting your consumers’ permission in-store, you are starting a fluid, customer-friendly and data-compliant consumer relationship.

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The retailer FLORAJET uses Didomi's consent and preference management technology
The retailer DECATHLON uses Didomi's consent and preference management technology

Didomi is the world’s first digital privacy management platform to extend consent collection to the real world.

We help retailers collect and update their consumers’ communication preferences at any time, on any channel.

Collect your consumers’ permission

Collect your clients’ consent to receive promotional messages with a clear, branded opt-in email that offers full transparency about data collection purposes and opt-out options

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Shopper loyalty starts with real choices

Allow your store’s visitors to change their preferences at any time, on any device. Incentivize your employees by rewarding for delegated consent collection among shoppers.

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Continuously optimize to drive opt-in

Brick-and-mortar has never been easy, especially when it comes to customer relationships. By putting your consumers in the driver’s seat of their data, you will always know when and how they want to hear from you.

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Provide your technology partners perfectly valid consent

Setting-up drive-to-store strategies can be on the border of privacy compliance, because geolocation is a sensitive piece of personal data. Didomi helps you only leverage data that shoppers have given you permission to use. 

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Didomi helps retailers secure consumer opt-in in a friendly, fluid manner without compromising on privacy. Let us show you how.

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