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Consent and Preferences Collection

  • Web & mobile web support

  • Native iOS and Android Support

  • AMP support

  • Didomi Elements

  • Custom Preference Center

  • Email support

  • Support of 29 languages

  • Single page applications support (React, Angular, etc.)

  • Look&feel customization (config or CSS for web and custom views for mobile)

  • Various notice options: banner, popup, floating panel

  • Custom notice positioning

  • Custom logo

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Consent Analytics

  • Real-time consent rates reports

  • Self-service analytics reports

  • Filters by date, platform, country, domain, apps, etc.

  • AB testing

  • Raw data extraction

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  • Unlimited Compliance reports

  • Automated vendor detection on your websites

  • Country specific reports (US, France, UK, Germany, Spain, etc.)

  • Cookies detection and classification per vendors

  • Automated website compliance monitoring

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Consent and preference Management

  • Self-service consent notice configuration and preview

  • Flexible consent purposes configuration

  • Flexible preference configuration

  • Easy vendor configuration

  • Apply GDPR globally or only to EU users

  • Consent collection frequency capping

  • Delegated consent workflows

  • Soon: CCPA support

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  • Transparency&Consent Framework v1 and v2 support

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google DFP / AdSense / Ad Exchange

  • Commander's act

  • Adobe Tag Manager

  • Adobe Campaign

  • Salesforce Krux

  • Salesforce Marketing cloud

  • Prebid.js

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  • Consent API access

  • Cross-device consent support

  • Native iOS SDK

  • Native Android SDK

  • Cross-channel consent support


  • oAuth 2.0 support

  • Custom email authentification workflow

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