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Didomi’s CMP has been approved as TCFv2-compliant (migration cut-off date now is August 15th)

May 13, 2020byYannig Roth

We have announced yesterday that our Consent Management Platform (CMP) has successfully passed the IAB Europe’s CMP Compliance Programme (see the full list here). Many clients have started to transition to the TCF’s version 2 already, and all IAB members will have to update their websites and mobile apps to support it until the summer 2020.

The IAB Europe has approved Didomi’s updated CMP

In the last years, the Transparency and Consent Framework has become the standard for running personalized ad campaigns, measurement, attribution etc. in compliance with regulations like GDPR. Didomi has been approved as a TCF (version 1) vendor since September 2019. To adapt to fast-paced technological innovation, incorporating feedback from European data protection authorities, consumer groups and the ad tech industry, the IAB developed a new iteration (version 2) to provide more choices and information to end users.
With the new Transparency and Consent Framework, consumers get more transparency and choice over how they want their data to be shared, and publishers will benefit from greater flexibility and control, specifically how they integrate ad tech vendors for personal data processing. As part of the roll-out of the new framework, the IAB Europe has started a CMP Compliance Programme to approve actors whose solutions are TCVf2-compatible.
We are now officially one of them!
For Didomi clients, changing from the first to the new, updated Transparency & Consent Framework is easily achievable in the Didomi Console:

To support publishers in the transition phase, Didomi has thoroughly presented the changespublished a Migration Guide, as well as a detailed roadmap to help publishers on its support pages. We have also published a post on this blog and held a live webinar in which our CTO has discussed with publishers directly. A full recording of the webinar about TCFv2.0 has been made publicly available on our YouTube channel dedicated to webinars:

Note that, due to COVID-19, many IAB members have asked for an extension of the timeline… which has been granted by the IAB Europe very recently.

The IAB Europe extends migration timeline due to COVID-19 

The IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework Steering Group, representing buy side, intermediaries and sell side, voted to extend technical support for TCF v1.1 beyond the previously announced date of 30 June to a new date of 15th August 2020.  This is the final extension, as the IAB Europe made clear, beyond which support for TCF’s version 1.1 will be deprecated.

The extension of technical support for v1.1 does not impact companies’ ability to implement TCF v2.0 before the new cut-off date of 15th August 2020. Since IAB Europe in partnership with IAB Tech Lab launched the revised framework in August 2019, over 400 vendors have registered to implement TCF v2.0, with over 75% of them also declaring themselves operationally ready to read and act on TCF v2.0 strings. Didomi is one of the few CMPs to have already been certified for TCF v2.0, showing our commitment to implement TCF v2.0 by August 15th.

The Steering Group also agreed to clarify to the market that v1.1 consent strings will no longer be valid after 30 September 2020.  The period between now and 30 September will be used by Didomi and our clients to gradually replace v1.1 consents with v2.0 permissions based on both the consent and “legitimate interests” GDPR legal bases.

Are you looking for a TCFv2-compliant consent management platform?

Contact us.

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