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Didomi announces the support of Google’s EU user consent policy

May 17, 2018byRomain Gauthier

Didomi is the first consent management platform to support the new consent requirements from Google. With this new integration, any publisher using Didomi’s consent solutions and Google DFP, Adsense or AdX products will be able to inform Google in real-time that a consent has been collected from a user and therefore to comply with Google’s requirements.

Though this piece of news didn’t really come as a surprise (check our blog post from March on this topic – An interpretation of Google new consent requirements for publishers), many publishers only realized in the last 2 weeks the risk that they’d face if they didn’t comply by May 25th: losing most or all of their revenue coming from Google and, for a lot of them, this represents the lion’s share of their income. That being said, Google was pretty slow to act this time – 3 weeks before the deadline – and didn’t offer much help for publishers to comply. Google chose not to join the IAB Europe standard for now which makes it even more complicated for publishers desperately trying to get this working for the rest of their vendors. As a result, for most publishers, the question remains: what to do?

The new integration of Google products into Didomi’s CMP adds to the list of our consent solution benefits :

  • Consent collection for Google products fits in the same user workflow as IAB-compliant vendors: with one consent widget you’re good to go
  • Our consent widgets (banners, etc.) are fully customizable (colors, text, position, etc.)
  • We’re integrated with the leading tag management solutions out there to make it very easy to integrate our CMP
  • We love developers and make sure that they’re not forgotten by making it very simple to deploy our CMP: check out our dev platform
  • If you work with vendors outside of the IAB consent framework and Google, that’s absolutely fine, you can still be compliant by blocking them until consent is collected and Didomi makes it very easy to set up and manage through your tag manager
  • We take our role very seriously: as the first tag being executed we make sure to be lightweight and we load and pass consent blazingly fast to avoid harming your user experience
  • We invest a lot of resources to offer compliant solutions and optimize our clients’ consent rates with A/B testing capabilities, and a lot of data to inform your decisions around consent management

This integration is also part of a larger effort for the Didomi CMP to support major platforms and industry standards. Didomi is already an official IAB Europe/Techlab CMP and the promoter of the Consent Web Token. We’re committed to being the cornerstone of consent on the web and we’ll keep adding partners and integrations as the privacy topic matures within the ecosystem. We have a lot of ideas around user preferences management, but more on that later…

Consent management is a complex topic, which entangles technology and legal matters. It’s a great area for focused and cutting-edge innovation. It’s an essential piece of any publisher stack and should therefore receive adequate attention. At Didomi we think consent should be as easy and interesting for publishers to manage as content monetization.

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