November 21, 2018byRomain Gauthier

Didomi now supports in-app consent management

Didomi announces the launch of its iOS and Android SDKs to help companies manage in-app consent Didomi clients can now seamlessly integrate consent collection workflows into their iOS and Android apps and distribute these consents to the vendors they’re working with (monetization, advertising, marketing, etc.). This is part of a larger effort by Didomi to…

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February 13, 2018byJawad Stouli

Reliably distribute JavaScript SDKs and widgets at scale

When we first started distributing our JavaScript SDK, we went from 0 to millions of page views per day in a few days. We have been growing pretty fast since then and we are proud of our 100% uptime so far. This is the story of how we set up our infrastructure for painless scale….

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February 11, 2018byJawad Stouli

How we built our analytics platform on AWS in a day

At Didomi, we recently set up a first version of our analytics/reporting platform for business metrics (not pure tech/operations metrics). We wanted to start collecting business metrics and have an easy way to collect, store, query and graph them that would be 1) adapted to our size (we are still a pretty small company), 2)…

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