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We build trust with privacy

Personal data from consumers has become a key asset for any business trying to build lasting customer relationships, personalizing products and services or improving operations. At the same time, consumers demand more and more transparency and control over their data and privacy regulations get more complex around the world.

In this new world, every successful company needs to excel at managing privacy to be trusted and thrive.

Our Team

Experienced leaders disrupting the privacy industry

We build the tools you need to manage data privacy and let you focus on your customers and core business.

Jawad Stouli

Tech entrepreneur with a passion for data, quality code and automation

Julie Tamba
Legal Advisor

Passionate about legal, tech curious and a staunch supporter of automation

Romain Gauthier

Optimistic entrepreneur, privacy enthusiast and happy father in the age of data


We're always looking for talented individuals to help us in our rapid growth.
If you're passionate about technology and privacy, feel free to contact us!