Are you compliant with Singapore's PDPA?

Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP) helps companies become compliant with Singapore's PDPA

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About Didomi's Consent Management Platform 

Didomi's CMP is approved by the IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework and complies with data regulations such as PDPA (Singapore)

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Didomi's CMP offers:

Support for regulations worldwide such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, POPIA and many more

A fully customizable consent banner to enhance the user experience

Possibility to optimize the collection of user consent with advanced analytics features while reducing the impact of regulations on your business performance

Synchronization of data collected across multiple platforms in one single place by connecting to your tech stack

Ability to store the data for future references and proof of consent

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What is PDPA?

Singapore's PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act), has been in place since October 2012. It went into full effect in 2014 and has recently been updated in March 2021. The PDPA regulates the collection, use, disclosure and processing of personal data related to Singaporean citizens within the private sector. The PDPA can apply to organizations that are located in other countries but handle Singapore consumer data.


Unlike GDPR, the second set of provisions in the PDPA is linked to a ‘Do not call’ protection obligation in relation to sending marketing messages to Singapore's national phone numbers. The other 9 obligations induced by the PDPA are purpose limitation, notification, consent, access and correction, accuracy, protection, retention and transfer limitation, and openness.

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